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Our goal at Legacy Oriental Rug Cleaners is to restore the lost art of caring for oriental and fine area rugs. We also provide re-fringing and repair of rugs, and include a FREE pickup and delivery service. CALL US NOW 404-862-4054. We specialize in caring for fine Heirloom Rugs including Persian, Needlepoint,Chinese, Indian, Karastan, Turkish and all other Area Rugs. We service all North Metro Atlanta areas including Ball Ground, Canton, Jasper and surrounding areas. WE WILL ALSO PICK UP AND DELIVER FROM YOUR PLACE OF WORK TO FIT IN WITH YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE - 404-862-4054 We are now offering our services across the USA using USP or FEDEX as carriers, please phone 404-862-4054 for further details. We take our responsibilities extremely seriously when it comes to taking care of your treasured investment. Our full immersion hand wash process is the safest and most thorough method available and is recommended by established rug merchants and knowledgeable collectors all over the world. They know that you cannot apply the same principles to cleaning oriental and fine heirloom rugs as you would with wall to wall carpeting. Its a scientific fact that fine area rugs need special hand washing and drying techniques because the fibers in these are natural and cannot take the harsh chemicals and hot steam extraction and other methods that are used for wall to wall carpets. Regular carpeting today is mostly made of synthetic materials such as nylon, rayon and polyester blends. These materials are designed and manufactured so they do not readily absorb dirt and stains, they seem to lay on the fibers surface waiting for someone to come along and blast them off with a mixture of chemical and water extraction or some other form of scrubbing machine applications. The natural fibers in fine rugs such as wool and cashmere absorb much more water than the synthetic blends so the chemicals that are used in regular carpet cleaning are more readily absorbed into the natural fibers and cannot be removed other that by totally submersing the rug. So at best an onsite rug clean can only deal with the surface, but there are potential problems being left behind in the rug fibres due to the fact that these chemicals and other inbeded soils cannot be fully removed due to the amount of water that would be needed to remove them. The equipment used for onsite cleaning is not designed to cope with these requirements. Our full immersion seven step process is the only method that has stood the test of time, the basic principles we observe have been used by master rug weavers alike for thousands of years.

Our 7 Step Process.
1. Each area of the rug is inspected and photographed and recorded on your work order, any spots or stains will be noted along with any other pertinent information that you can tell us about your rug.

2. Your rug is them turned face down and vacuumed with special equipment to remove all dry dirt, dust and debris. The rug is then reversed to face side up and vacuumed to dislodge anything that remains at the top of the rug pile. This is continued until no more debris is ejected, this step often takes an hour or more.

3. A 24 hour test for dye run is carried out on your rug. If there is a potential to run, the washing process is adjusted so that dye transfer will not occur.

4. Your rug will now be hand washed using either our full immersion method or low moisturer method depending on the type of rug and or the rug needs. A hand brushed agitation of a natural product is applied deep into the fibers of the rug. This neutral soap is used so that the natural oils and lanolin in the wool fibers are not removed. The rug is then allowed to soak if need be, the soak time is dependant upon the degree of contamination the rug has been exposed to (such as urine, vomit or smoke damage ) it could be overnight if need be.

5. Your rug is then flushed and rinsed out and all excess moisture is removed.

6. Your rug is then hung on a moveable beam and dryed in a controlled enviroment. A combination of heat and air circulating fans are used to enhance drying, hanging the rug is important as this allows the air to circulate over the front and the back of the rug.

7. A final hand grooming to your rug is carried out, by brushing the entire area of the rug it allows the pile to lay smooth. If your rug has a fringe this is now hand washed using a special fringe cleaner, we do not use chlorine bleaching products on fringes as bleach will cause the warp ends to deteriorate over time. A cleaner which will not harm cotton is used. After the fringe is dryed your rug is now ready to go home. You will really appreciate the superior results our 7 step process provides, not only will your rug be cleaner, but it will smell better, look brighter and last longer.

I look forward to personally serving your fine rug needs.

Brendon Wegner
LEGACY ORIENTAL RUG CLEANERS Provides Personal Service to Kennesaw, Acworth, Powder Springs, Woodstock, Marietta, Dallas, Hiram, North Cobb Areas
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Due to the unpredictable effects that pet and other urine problems can cause with dye mitigation and other issues we cannot accept any responsibility due to the underlying cause.

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